Why choose a vegan lifestyle?

There seem to be four major reasons for people to choose a vegan lifestyle. Those reasons are very different from each other, but they each touch upon a theme of global importance for humanity.

Depending on your own world view and lifestyle, you might find that one or two themes resonate stronger with you than the others. That’s perfectly fine, of course. Explore those first and come back later to learn about the others.

Four reasons to choose a vegan lifestyle

My personal reasons

I’ve listed above the four major reasons for switching to a vegan lifestyle in the order that they became important to me. I started my plant-based journey by caring most about my personal health and having a smaller impact on the planet. At that time thoughts about suffering animals or starving people in Africa were rare and rather unimaginative: “Well, it’s part of life. I can’t do anything about it”.

However once I embraced the idea that it is not necessary to eat animals or animal products, my mind was free to explore the other topics also. And in just a few months I became equally interested in all four of the above topics.

Let's discuss: What was your experience? How did you start your own plant-based journey? Do you agree with everything I wrote? The readers of this blog would like to know, so please leave a comment below.

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