Who am I and why am I writing “Vegan Facts”?

Hi, I’m Boji, and I used to love meat 😋

I grew up in Bulgaria, in a culture where meat is central to most meals. At home we ate not only the lean cuts popular in the West, but also heart, liver, intestines, brains, ears, feet, blood sausage, everything… I liked fruits and vegetables too, but I absolutely loved meat.

Boji users to love meatWhen I moved to Germany in 2001, I was happy to see that the Germans love their grilled sausages, baked pork shoulders, large steaks and whole roasted chickens just as much just as much as I did.

So imagine how my world changed when at the age of 39 I started dating a vegetarian. I liked her a lot, but her not wanting to eat meat was an insult to me. Moreover I love to cook, and she wouldn’t eat any of my food. I tried to “talk some sense into her” with sentences like “But meat is good for you. You need it to be healthy.” Even suggestions that I cook dishes with meat and she simply skips the meat didn’t convince her. Grrr… 😉

But I did notice one interesting thing: I really liked the vegetarian food which she cooked. It was tasty, quite varied, and with nice texture. Also during my numerous travels through India I’d noticed that I really liked the vegetarian food that most restaurants served. In fact I kept thinking “this is so tasty, I don’t miss meat at all”. But as soon as I returned home, I quickly got back to my old habits.

I didn’t plan to, but I went from meat-lover to vegan in just one week

A few years later I had a new girlfriend, and I was enjoying my meat again. Ironically, this girlfriend (who is now my wife) was eating meat when we met but turned vegetarian soon after. 😂

I tried switching too, but I wasn’t able to resist the meat temptation. Still, I made some changes. Katja and I were doing sport almost daily and had started watching our nutrition quite closely. Also I love poking around on the internet and listening to various podcasts, and one day I discovered the vegan ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll. I was immediately fascinated by his story and by the powerful guests he was interviewing on his podcast.

I started listening to past podcast episodes, and by pure chance I listened to his conversations with Michael Greger (How not to die) and Neal Barnard (The power of nutrition to prevent and reverse heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s) and watched the movie Forks over Knives (also available on Netflix), in one week.

These experiences struck me like lightning and flipped a major switch in my head. I no longer had any desire for meat, cheese or milk. I no longer looked at meat and thought “Mmmm, tasty, but I shouldn’t…”. Instead my feeling was “I don’t want to eat that”. That’s a huge difference…

A few days later I told Katja that I want to try living a vegan lifestyle, and the just said “yes, let’s do it”. 🤗

Boji with vegan food in the jungle

And am I still vegan?

Yes. My “turn-around week” was in August, 2016. At that time Katja had been vegetarian for about two years and pregnant in the 6th month. Now it’s January 2018, and we are 98% vegan at home, also our one-year old son.

The key to enjoying our vegan lifestyle is that we love to cook. We cook something tasty at least 4-5 times a week. However when we visit friends or go out to eat we make it easy for everyone. We order or eat what’s available and what looks good and healthy. And sometimes if we know that there will be no real food available, we either don’t go or we bring our own vegan “supplies”.

Why I started “Vegan Facts”

I’d like Vegan facts to become the place to learn about why people turn to a vegan lifestyle and how to live a practical and healthy vegan life.

But I want to concentrate on the facts, sources, links to scientific papers, etc. and none of the hype. If there are no facts supporting a particular claim, then I will show that too.

I hope that I’m not seen as “preaching vegan” [TODO: Write a separate post about this topic.], because my my goal with this blog is not to preach, but:

Please join the conversation

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know everything. So if something is missing, confusing or unclear, please contact me. I’d love to hear your ideas, questions and comments.

Vegan family

2 thoughts on “Who am I and why am I writing “Vegan Facts”?”

  1. Hi Boji,

    I’m enjoying your new site. I began my vegan journey shortly before you after watching several great documentaries and reading stuff from the same folks you reference. And, like you, I’m still curious and learning — which is how I stumbled on your site.

    One fact I’m curious about is the financial cost of being vegan. Maybe, you’ve heard non-vegans say, “Well, you know it’s much more expensive to eat vegan.” But, I don’t think it’s true.

    While I know most fast food is inexpensive, if it’s a regular habit it can certainly add up. And, last time I checked, the price of a week’s worth of fruit, broccoli and Kale was about 10 bucks. So, I think the claim that “it’s more expensive to eat vegan” is a fallacy. Do you know of any facts or research studies that would back that up?

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