How difficult is it to be vegan?

Don’t you miss meat, cheese, or ice cream?

Maybe just little bit… As I wrote previously, once I got exposed to the facts, a switch was flipped in my head. Almost overnight I went from “I love meat” to “I shouldn’t eat meat” to “I don’t want to eat meat”.

While “I don’t want to eat meat” is the dominant voice in my head, occasionally I miss the taste of meat. Mostly when I’m bored or stressed.

Since we are not 100% vegan, occasionally I eat something with meat when visiting friends or events with good catering. However my reaction is mostly “Wow, that was quite salty” or “Hmmm, not very special at all”. However once in a while I quite enjoy the taste or the texture.

Katja (who never cared much for meat) eats a piece of cheese a couple times per year. She mostly enjoys the taste.

But we definitely don’t crave the stuff, and we don’t feel like we are giving up life quality due to our vegan lifestyle.

Neither of us misses dairy yoghurt, cream or ice cream.

Katja loves baking, so we’ve discovered tons of wonderful vegan deserts.

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Going out and being the weirdo in the group


Visiting friends


Having friends visit us


Limited food choices


Higher prices


Watching friends and others eat unhealthy food


Other awkward moments


Let's discuss: Did I forget anything? Or do you have some additional topics which you think might be difficult to handle as vegans? Do you agree with everything I wrote? The readers of this blog would like to know, so please leave a comment below.

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