Do I have to be 100% vegan?

Even though I am the author of this blog, I am not 100% vegan. Also my wife is not 100% vegan.

Even at home (where we have complete control over what we buy and cook) we are not perfect. From time to time we see a favorite product from the past and we choose to have it.

Out in the real world it’s even more difficult. We try to bring a vegan sandwich from home or buy a bread roll and a vegan or vegetarian spread from a health store. But whenever that’s not possible, we eat the healthiest choice among what’s available.

So no, you don’t have to be 100% vegan

In fact, any percentage greater than zero is a cause for celebration! 🎉

My biggest wish with this blog is that you take 30 min. to familiarize yourself with the basic vegan facts. After that you will hopefully understand that plant-based nutrition is good for you, good the planet, good for the animals and last but not least, good for your conscience.

Also, a plant-based diet is not about giving up what makes you happy. I don’t see my way of life as a form of abstinence. Rather I see it as a chance to replace the what used to make me tired, ill and addicted with a way of life characterized by health, happiness and variety.

But back to the 100% vegan thing. There is no percentage value which separates “real vegans” from “fake ones”. Replacing just one meal each week is already a great beginning. And moving towards one vegan day per week would be amazing. Even if you stop there, I will be 🤩 and this blog will have served its purpose.

The most important thing

What’s most important to me is that any change you make in your lifestyle is motivated by your own inner conviction and not by external pressure or by my ramblings on this site. 😉

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